Sports Analytics Club Resources

This is a companion site to the NCSU Sports Analytics Club website. Its main purpose is to provide programming tutorials and interactive visualization tools.

Download and Install R

There are many ways to view, edit, and run R code, but we recommend starting with the Rstudio editor. Here we will show you how to download R and Rstudio so you can get started with coding!

1. R software

To download R, go to and follow the instructions below.

2. Rstudio editor

To download Rstudio, go to and follow the instructions below.

  • Choose "Download Rstudio"
  • Choose "Desktop"
  • From the "Installers for Supported Platforms" list, select the right download for your operating system (Mac, Linux, Windows).
  • Once downloaded, run the installation file and follow their instructions.

  • Installing R on Windows

    If you have a Windows computer, you can also check out these videos to walk you through installing R and Rstudio.