The Sports Analytics Club at North Carolina State University is a student-run organization committed to the quantitative analysis of sports strategy and management. The club encourages students to share ideas and complete research projects on any topic related to sports statistics.
If you are an NCSU student and you enjoy sports or statistical analysis, then this is the club for you!

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  • Leadership

    Club Advisors: Dr. Justin Post,
    Dr. Jason Osborne

    Officers: Elliott Reece (Co-President)
    Sohil Doshi (Co-President)
    Peyton Wood (Treasurer)
    Tristan Tucker (Secretary)
    Megan Tabor (Social Media Director)
    Rebekah Colonnese (Executive Board Member)
    Jason Thompson (Executive Board Member)
    Graham Pash (Executive Board Member)

  • Sports Wednesdays

    We play sports as a club to build a sense of community. Sometimes we even collect data -- in the past we have made personalized shot charts for our members!

  • Data Analysis Projects

    We collect and analyze sports data to answer questions in professional and college sports. Our work has been showcased at the Joint Statistical Meetings and in the Wall Street Journal.

  • Events

    We share our findings and learn about hot topics in sports by attending conferences. In the past, we have attended the Basketball Analytics Summit at UNC, the NBA Hackathon, and the Joint Statistical Meetings!

  • In Club Competitions

    We have various internal club competitions throughout the year. Members can develop models on their own to get an edge in predicting March Madness, College Football Bowl Games, Fantasy Football, and more!


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Club Updates

  • November 4, 2019- Began the meeting with the usual trivia. Afterwards, the basketball project group met and discussed some ideas for a project they would like to work on for the year. Decided on determining who the most average player in the NBA was.

Recent Trivia

Sports Headlines


Attacking sports problems with data analysis

Past Projects

Check out the archives to see what we have worked on previously.

Current Projects

Students are teaming up to work on problems in professional basketball, football, and tennis.

Shiny Apps

We develop interactive apps to visualize and appreciate sports data.


We strive to help others improve programming and statistical skills

Introduction to R

from download to graphing

March Madness Model Builder

choose your variables, train, and test!

Our intRo Tutorial!

learn by playing with KenPom data!

Here are some other great places to learn about the basics of R!

  • R Studio Tutorial
  • Code School
  • Club Resources

    We'd love to hear from you if you have any project ideas or feedback!

    Sports Analytics Club at NC State